3D Printed RC Car / Buggy | PLA

I have designed this RC car in SolidWorks, and most of its parts are 3D printed in PLA. This one has similar dimensions to a 1/10th scale RC car.

Download The CAD Files (STL, SolidWorks)



Technical Specifications

  • 3100kv 3650 BLDC motor
  • 40A ESC
  • 12kg servo motor
  • Independent front suspension and Ackerman steering mechanism.
  • 76:3 ratio belt-pulley mechanism for increased torque and concentric axis rear suspension mechanism which allows the motor to be mounted on the main body.
  • Torque is increased with double-sided helical gears. (38:6 ratio)

This car is completely made of 3D printed materials except for the driving pulley, shocks, motor, servo, wheels, and belt.

  • Driving pulley: HTD 2 10 teeth,
  • Driving belt: HTD 2,
  • Shocks: 1/10 RC Buggy shocks,
  • Motor: GOOLRC 3100kv 3650mm BLDC,
  • Servo: MG996r 12kg Servo,
  • Wheels: 1/10 RC Buggy Wheels,

And you will need some M3 bolt/nuts, 30cm M4 threaded rod, and some M4 nuts. All the dimensions for the bolts are available in the SolidWorks assembly.

You will also need brass tubes of various lengths. All the brass tubes have a 3mm inner radius and a 4mm outer radius. You can buy them and cut them to the required lengths.

Print Settings

Printer brand:Creality

Printer:Ender 3 Pro





Filament_brand:Your choice

Filament_color:Your choice


Notes: This car is fully 3D printed with PLA material. I have used 40% infill in all of the parts except the gear and the pulley. Gear and the pulley are printed with 70% infill. You should use the support material when the slicer tells you to do so. (My slicer software is CURA) If you have adhesion issues you can use rafts too.

Version 3.0

With this version, suspension mechanisms are made softer by connecting them with a different angle in the front and removing one of them in the back. There are also some updates to the pulley-gear part for better durability.

Version 6.0

With this version, all suspension issues, including rear suspensions, gear breakage issues, and steering mechanism issues have been resolved. Version 6 can now achieve much higher acceleration and off-road performance. 3D design files are available at @thingiverse and @cults3d.