TinyBot Legged

Version 2 – September 2021

Version 1 – August 2020

This is a 4 legged robot with micro servos. The servos used in this robot are TowerPro SG90 9g Micro servos.

Github Repository / Open Source Code and CAD Models: https://github.com/ahmetakif/TinyBot-Legged

Mechanical design:

  • This robot is designed in SolidWorks to be 3D printed with PLA material.
  • 23 pieces can be 3D printed to complete this robot.
  • All of the parts can be 3D printed with 20% infill.
  • Support material can be used if the slicing software suggests. (I am using CURA)
  • Parts can be printed with rafts if there is an adhesion issue.


  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Arduino Nano (Connected to the Raspberry Pi Zero via the USB port.)
  • MPU6050 IMU Gyro & Acceleration sensor module
  • 12x TowerPro SG90 9g Micro servos
  • 2x 3000mAh 3.85v Li-ion smartphone (LG G4) batteries. (One of the batteries power the Arduino and Raspberry Pi and the other one powers the servo motors.)
  • Usb 5v step-up voltage convertor


  • The arduino gets command from the raspberry pi via the usb serial communication port.
  • The arduino handles the inverse kinematics calculations.
  • Raspberry pi controls the robot with an appropriate gait function and bezier curve.
  • Raspberry pi also controls the robot with the help of the IMU sensor data which it receives from the arduino.
  • The python script in the raspberry pi also controls the PID balance algorithm.

Note: This project is work in progress. There will be upgrades both with the mechanical design and the software.