Lampture – Control Lights from Smartphone

This device allows you to control your room’s light (or any other light) from your smartphone or tablet, over the internet. Lampture connects to your local wifi and thus reaches the Blynk servers. This allows you to control the servo motor on the device from the Blynk app on your device.

Parts needed for Lampture Project:

  1. An IoT board (In this video, I have used the Plusivo Wemos D1 Mini, but any board with IoT capabilities would work.)
  2. 9g SG90 TowerPro Servo (Any other servo in this size would also work.)
  3. USB adapter (AKA any phone charger 🙂 )
  4. Double-sided tape (Optional)
  5. Pegs, screws, and washers to mount the device on the wall
  6. A mobile device (Such as a tablet or smartphone)

Open Source Code and 3D Models:

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Gallery / Various New Designs for Lampture