Digital Physical Suitability Measurement Device

This device allows the measurements of height, weight, and flexibility to be completed more straightforward and quicker with an electronic setup.

Year: From 2018

Position: Invetor, Designer


To measure of height, weight and flexibility, which was previously done manually (which took a lot of time) with technological tools, by saving time on a large number of students, and easily following the physical suitability of students with the table created by transferring these measurements to MS Excel.

Open Source

Open Source Code, Circuit Schematics, PCB Design, and 3D Model: CLICK HERE

Target Audience – Innovative Aspects

The target audience of the project is the students who take physical education lessons. In the literature, there are smart height and mass measurement devices, but it is the original feature of this project that it is the first device that provides a digital solution for the measurement of height, mass and flexibility normally done by hand (manually) in physical education lessons in school. Different aspects of this device according to its counterparts in the literature;

  • Measuring length, mass and flexibility data together,
  • Easy to use thanks to its simple structure,
  • Saves data to MS Excel and to a database on the internet with improvements,
  • Automation and speed in measurement and recording,
  • It has a very low cost.

In the future, the project is not limited to students, as it is possible to apply the project to everywhere including gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools and the health sector.

Project Plan Illustration


PCB design was made and ordered from JLCPCB.

The electronic part enclosure of the device was made with a 3D printer in our school after making a 3D design.

Mass Measurement

  • For the device to make the measurement, an old bathroom scale was reverse engineered and re-purposed.
  • The circuit of this scale was removed and cables were attached.
  • 4 different weight sensors in the scale are connected to the HX711 module in Arduino in the form of “Wheatstone Bridge”.
  • Thus, more sensitive measurements could be taken.

Computer Interface

  • An interface has been developed to allow the authorized or teacher to easily control from the computer.
  • In the development of this interface, python language and appJar, pandas and pySerial libraries were used.
  • Also, thanks to this interface program, there is no need to use the Excel macro, PLX-DAQ.
  • Instead, the newly written software can automatically transfer the measured values ​​into the Excel file containing the class list.
  • Thus, the use of the device is made easier.

Latest Version of the Device

  • The production of the body of the prototype is made of profile material.
  • Then this material was covered with anticorrosion material.
  • Painting the body is also considered.

Measurement Comparison

Additional Development Suggestions

  • With the final design of the device, it is aimed to take a more integrated and user-friendly shape. After the mechanical production is done, the device will be tested on 100 people by passing the user tests. In addition, another software is being developed to enable the device to upload the measured data to MEB’s system. (Ministry of National Education of Turkey)
  • Data such as heartbeat, energy consumption, blood pressure, blood pressure can be measured and it can be provided to be a much more advanced healthcare assistant that can be used in the health sector or gyms.
  • By making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system can understand the health condition of it’s users from the data that it measures. Thus the dependence on drugs can be reduced by interpreting the health status, giving recommendations and taking precautions in case of illness.

Project Development with a Global Household Appliances Company

This project is being developed in partnership with a major household appliances company both in Turkey and worldwide, in this way this project is planned to move to a more professional step such as mass production.

Photos of The Digital Physical Suitability Measurement Device

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