Hello, I'm Akif.

I build robots from the trash.

📍 Istanbul - Izmit



TinyBot Legged

3D Printed RC Car

Akifboy 4000



Vision - Bilgegöz

RPi Robot for Chores

Smart Climate Controller

Physical Measurement Device

All Other Projects

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Community and Organizations

Technosophia Community

Technosophia is an organization that brings together the young people who are interested in technology and wanting to gain experience while also allowing them to organize events, training programs, and create projects.

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Boğaziçi University Electrotechnology Club

I had the coordinator of RAS (Robotics and Automation Society) role at BUEC. RAS is the sub-committee of BUEC which is organizing the BROCUP (Boğaziçi University Robotics Cup) every spring term.

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KodFL: Kocaeli Science High Coding Competition

KodFL is a coding competition in which students studying in Kocaeli can participate. Through using your coding knowledge in KodFL, you can show yourself in the field of problem-solving and competitive algorithms.The Theme of The Competition: The subject of our competition is problem-solving and programming. Our competition consists of questions that can be solved by combining algorithms and mathematical knowledge with problem-solving skills.

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Electromechanics and Software Community

We are a technology community established in Kocaeli Science High School. The goal of the Electromechanics and Software Community is to provide new knowledge and give inspiration in the scope of electronics, mechanics, and Software to Koceeli Science High School students with presentations and workshops held by Electromechanics and Software Community.The meetings take place every week during the launch break (12.30-13.00) in the Computer Laboratory (4th floor). 

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Hi there!

I’m Akif Kaya, currently studying at Boğaziçi University as a senior in Electrical-Electronics Engineering. I started as a tinkerer by tearing down my old toys and merging them with others. Then I learned about electronics, programming, and robotics. My passion for technology kept me inventing new robots and machines that help people. With the projects I created, I won various competitions. My passion comes from the soul of makers.

With any further questions, inquiries, or requests, feel free to drop me a message through email or Instagram at any time! I’m also based in Istanbul-Kocaeli, so meeting up with me regarding projects or collaborations would be fine with me too.


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